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Find out how Zenativity drives change for students and professionals every day!

Professional Development

Professional Development

Data Science Coaching

We have experienced data scientists who contribute their time and skills to give training on machine learning, data science, and AI projects. We strive to tackle real, socially impactful issues. We also encourage volunteers to identify issues by themselves and submit a project to us. We will select the most impactful projects and provide volunteers with project guidance. The problems can come from the following domains but are not limited to: health, education, sustainability, public safety, human services, transportation, economic development, and more.

As a volunteer data scientist, you will learn to apply your data science, analytical, and coding skills, and meet with other volunteer data scientists to collaborate on real projects, while being supervised by data science mentors from professional and academic backgrounds.

Coding Meetups

We have regular online meet-up sessions for practicing coding problems together. The meet-ups are hosted in small groups so that everyone can be involved in the discussions. Coding is a critical skill in the STEM industry. We encourage volunteers to join us and practice their coding skills.

Life Development

Life Development

Food Nutritions

We share knowledge on food and provide cooking recipes. Food is fundamental to human health, but there is a lot of misunderstanding about food’s nutrition and characteristics. We aim to demystify nutrition and share easy-to-follow tips and tricks to the public so anyone can learn to cook delicious and healthy food for their family! 

Hiking and Meditation

Working in the STEM field presents many challenges. Professionals of all ages and backgrounds often find it hard to balance their day-to-day work and personal lives. 

With a combination of mindful and meditative activities and encouraging time outdoors, we can all work towards a better work-life balance. Zenitivity hopes to provide the tools and resources, as well as the motivation, to help you conquer your goals in achieving mental clarity. 

We offer regular hiking meetups in the San Francisco Bay area for our volunteers to de-stress and disconnect from their normal lives and connect with nature. Hiking provides multiple benefits such as: improving mental and physical health, heightening awareness of one’s surroundings, and promoting better sleep. 

We will also provide meditation guides and activities to help out volunteers connect with themselves and improve their auras. 

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