Our Projects


In the realm of commercial crab farming, precision is paramount. Deciphering the exact age of a crab holds the key to unlocking a cascade of benefits for farmers. Welcome to the world of "Regression with a Crab Age," where data-driven insights empower crab farmers to make informed decisions about harvesting, resource allocation, and sustainability.

Unleashing the Power of Categorical Feature Encoding: The cat-in-the-dat Challenge

Step into the realm of data innovation with our latest project, the "Categorical Feature Encoding Challenge: cat-in-the-dat." This venture is designed to unravel the complexities of categorical classification by exploring cutting-edge encoding techniques. Join us as we delve into this crucial aspect of data science, where the art of effective encoding can be the catalyst for building robust machine learning models.

Building Longitudinal Education Portfolio for Resident Individualized Training (BLuEPRINT)

In the complex clinical training environment, medical trainees grapple with challenges, facing an overload of information during rotations (such as ICU, cardiology and so on). The absence of a clear navigation system hinders their learning – a concern magnified by the lack of standardized training.


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