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Zenativity is where you can meet people from diverse backgrounds such students, adults who want more career advice and even those just looking (and working) towards better job prospects or self employment.


We encourage you to volunteer with us! Contribute your time and skills to achieve goals of Zenativity: To improve individuals’ capabilities and build a better community!

We offer many opportunities for you to learn and grow your own capabilities, while volunteering, your volunteer activities are directly contributing to the public benefits!

If you are willing to become a strongly affiliated* volunteer of Zenativity, Inc., please submit your application below:

Application Form. 

Design the form and embed it to our website:

Thank you for your interest in being an official volunteer with Zenativity, Inc.

We need a few details about who you are. At the end of the application we require a gift of $250 to finish the application. The average time to complete is 10 minutes.

Before you begin the application, we want to make sure that you understand the basics about volunteering with Zenativity.

Q1. What does becoming a volunteer mean to me? – You perform hours of service for civic, charitable, or humanitarian reasons for Zenativity Inc., operating internationally for scientific, educational, and charitable purposes.

Q2. Why volunteer for Zenativity? – We want to create a community where everybody benefits. Volunteering benefits you as well as the people and communities you help. Through volunteering with Zenativity, you:

  • Get to make new friends from different cultures and backgrounds

  • Gain new experience that may lead your way to a new career

  • Obtain new skills and get hands-on experience by using them

  • Acquire the satisfaction through doing projects that make a real difference in someone’s life 

  • Enjoy the activities. 

  • May lower your tax. For details, please visit:

Q3. What projects I can do with Zenativity? – You can do whichever activity defined by the IRS activity code.  If you have a skill or hobby, pass it on…enjoy the activities and help others, too. Or if you want to grow your capability in some area, do real projects with us! We’d love to help you achieve your goal and in the meantime, contribute to the public! Let it be blogs you write about your learning experience, or journal about a high performing machine learning model you built. If you are an IOS developer, you can build IOS app and publish on the Apple store. Or if you are a foodie, you can share your secret cooking recipe with us through our Food and Nutrition program. We encourage you to do any activity that you feel most passionate about, and would like to share your accomplishments with the world! 


As a §509(a)(2) publicly supported organization, Zenativity Inc. receives a substantial part of its support in the form of contributions from publicly supported organizations, governmental units, and/or the general public; and no more than one-third of its support from gross investment income; and more than one-third of its support from contributions, membership fees, and gross receipts from activities related to its exempt functions.

Located in the center of Silicon Valley, founded in Dec-2019, we aim to build a community that helps people obtain information that is useful for their professional and personal development.

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